Thank you

To my clients, friends, and family: your support over the years has helped make Illustrada a reality.

But I want to particularly thank three people who, over the course of 2020 and 2021, put up with all my sketches, notes, and absurdly long emails to actually help create the identity, text, and visual website you see before you today.

Kelly Wittman, Witt & Co.

Kelly Wittman

Witt & Co.

Brand Strategy

Ann Aspengren, Copywriting

Ann Aspengren


Michelle Schulp, Marktime Media

Michelle Schulp

Marktime Media

Web Development

While all the errors are surely mine, and mine alone, it is with their help (and the editing and proofreading advice of Madeleine Vasaly), that my vision could become this version of reality. I am grateful.