Radiating Passion and Energy

The success of a book does not just depend on the words and the content. Or the editing. Or even the design.

It depends on the author’s ability to believe in their book and radiate that passion to potential readers.

However, the quality of the design strongly influences the end results. Great design gets noticed because it is audacious and demands attention. It enthralls and provokes. It is both intensely personal and universal. It enters the brain at light speed and is unforgettable. Like great writing, great design takes risks and has a point of view—and, because of that, it chances failure. It will not appeal to everyone.

Project Spotlight: Kura: Prophetic Messenger

A book is more than the sum of its parts

Recognized with several awards and accolades, this special book chronicles not just the creation of a sculpture, but the culmination of master potter Richard Bresnahan’s vision.

As a book designer, my calling is to help the author bring an idea for a book into reality—bridge the divide between the conceptual and the tangible, creating something that combines and transcends its words and images.

I was honored to be selected to be a part of the production team working to create this book. Over the several months we worked together, the essays, the photos, the catalogs, and the spirit all came together into one beautiful form.

Collaboration, Curiosity & Craft

When you work with Illustrada, you are hiring an artisan with the creative and technical skills to design a book that stands out and a strategic design partner who adds significant value. We’ll collaborate to create something unique and beautiful that reflects you and your vision.

I believe every book deserves a great design—one that delivers more than the reader expects. I put my heart into each project and work with you to craft a book that reflects your vision. As a small business owner myself, I also understand the challenges you face. In the end, the numbers need to add up. I provide a smooth, efficient process and will help you stay on schedule and on budget.

The World Is Better When We Share Ideas

I invite you to join me on a guided tour of my portfolio of selected works. I share a behind-the-scenes look at my design process, the challenges, and successes that make each project unique.

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