Bold, daring book covers are crafted to capture attention. Meticulously designed interior layouts focus on readability and an immersive experience. Each unique design blends a personal touch and universal appeal to resonate at first sight and leave a lasting impression.

Illustrada is crafting books that open our eyes, expand our minds, and enrich our souls.

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This middle-grade novella shares the indigenous history of Vashon Island through the eyes of a young girl and the cedar tree she befriends.

A new cover refreshes the second edition reimagines these “Midwestern Gothic” stories on their tenth anniversary.

A lovely collection of hand-drawn birds with personality, this picture book makes birding accessible for all ages.

Creator to Community Builder is a visually appealing and practical guide for business owners interested in building and scaling their businesses through online communities.

If David Sedaris and P.G. Wodehouse had Covid, this is how it might have gone. A Memoir cover design project, with additional marketing elements.

Capturing the essence of thought-provoking research on how AI will change everything.

Little (pink) houses are the visual hook and a narrative device in this evocative memoir for women at an identity crossroads.

Unveiling the design story of “Don’t Fear the Sharks,” a blend of strategic aesthetics and practical wisdom.

A spooky campfire tale blends into Ojibwe cultural motifs in this YA thriller.

This beautiful multigenerational story proves that love has no language—it is felt, heard, seen, and even tasted.

Student demand inspired this beautiful and functional art + instructional book on painter Kami Mendlik’s method for paintings that radiate light!

Celebrating a decade of artistic excellence, the tenth anniversary edition of the “Isolation” exhibition breathes new life into Paul Nylander’s captivating narratives.

A behind-the-ice look at author Anthony Walsh’s personal story, transformed into a hardcover children’s picture book “Hockey Is for Everybody.”

A Lakota children’s story told through the author’s unique skateboard deck art… and a challenging design!

Liar, Liar follows the true story of The Castaways as they quickly rose to stardom with their hit single in the summer of 1965. A complex memoir with images, quotes, and lots of design challenges.

Following My Spirit Home is a personal journey of Duluth based artist Sam Zimmerman as he rediscovers his Ojibwe heritage.

A red canoe becomes a metaphor on the cover and story of this YA magical realism novel.

Creating Fear Less, a book to be illustrated by the reader, we pulled out the stops, with gold foil and white cover printing.

Preservation of the tribal stories is the goal of this series of Ojibwemowin children’s books created for the Red Lake school district.

Science-futurist or science fiction? Gardeners of the Universe considers what will become of the human race.

Kura: Prophetic Messenger is a stunning essay + photo essay of the development and installation of the sculpture from which the book gets its title. Featuring the work of master potter Richard Bresnahan and the St. John’s Pottery.

Creating an anthology of native women writers took careful balance of style and art—with illustrator Tashia Hart’s help.

Beauty in Plain Sight, a two-volume photobook challenged me: how far can we go to make the printing perfect?

An interior redesign of Evergreen Authors makes this both a beautiful and highly useful book guiding authors to market their own books.

A textbook for early education teachers, Transformational Coaching for Early Childhood Educators uses complex styles for reading simplicity.

Exploring the power of quiet in this poetry compilation, Child of Dawn, Mother of Twilight.

Why letterpress print Isolation with hand printed photogravure images? Because it feels good.

In this children’s book, My Mighty Journey, the only major waterfall on the Mississippi river watches over changes from woolly mammoths to the rise of the Mill City, Minneapolis.

The Story of Everyday German Peasant Life contemplates one family’s experience over two-thousand years worth of history.

A request for an eBook conversion for Under a Cloven Sky becomes a fantasy cover project and an ongoing partnership.

Over 20 years in the making, Enchanted chronicles the author’s life and her dedication to live simply and close to the earth.

A WWII enlistedman’s story Confict to Combat looks at the South Pacific with photos, maps, and more.

Poetry Chapbook Destiny Manifested combines digital design with letterpress printing.

Scenes from a Tapestry uses photography and astrological charts to consider climate and the weather.

Besides loving a good classic time travel story, A Traveler in Time has been a test case in POD publishing.

This conceptual 32-page booklet refreshes two critical art essays from 1939–1940.