Inspired Design
for Intriguing Books

Illustrada is a studio dedicated to book design: covers, interior layout, typesetting, and production assistance. I enjoy collaborating with small presses and independent authors who are passionate about getting their ideas out into the world.

Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, I serve clients worldwide.

I believe every book deserves a great design—one that delivers more than the reader expects.

I put my heart into each project and work with you to craft a book that attracts readers and reflects your vision. But a beautiful cover isn’t the only goal.

As a small business owner, I understand the delicate balance of passion and pragmatism. In the end, the numbers need to add up. I provide a smooth, efficient process and help you stay on schedule and on budget.

Stories Yearning to Be Shared

Illustrada excels at delivering inspiring design for intriguing books. Books that serve as vehicles for sharing important ideas with the world. Books that are destined to become timeless.

Great design elevates the message of the book, ignites the author’s enthusiasm, and fires up readers, leading them to discover and purchase the book. It increases awareness of the author and enhances the publisher’s reputation. While the cover conveys the mood and energy of the contents, the interior helps guide the reader through the story and the author’s ideas.

The success of a book does not just depend on the words, the images, or the editing. It depends on the author’s ability to believe in their book and radiate that passion to potential readers. It relies on professional reviews and awards. The quality of the design strongly influences all of these. You need to secure every advantage to maximize your chances for success.

Strategic Design

When you work with Illustrada, you are hiring an artisan with the creative and technical skills to design a book that stands out and a strategic partner who adds significant value.

We’ll collaborate to create something unique and beautiful that reflects you and your vision. I’ll help you address your expectations and those of readers, reviewers, and award committees. You’ll get design that successfully links the craft of writing with the business of publishing.

Working with Illustrada is smooth and efficient, and I can assure you that your project will come in on time and on budget

Design Services

Cover Design

The cover is at the center of EVERYTHING—it is the single most important aspect of marketing a book. My covers look as good online as they do in person and respect convention while standing out from the herd.

Interior Layout

I create interior design so intuitive you don’t even notice it’s guiding you along. Mindful layout and typography enhance readability and elevate the communication of ideas, information, and emotion.


Typesetting sets the tone of the entire project. I’ll ensure your book meets readers’ expectations while stretching accepted practices in new ways.

Additional Services

Photo retouching, custom illustration and photography, graphic development, and production assistance are available as needed. I also provide marketing collateral, including press kits, banner ads, and bookmarks.

Concept Covers by Illustrada

Sparks, Synergy & Serendipity

A great collaboration is electric—like a bolt of lightning. It is a relationship that becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Personal relationships are vital to getting things accomplished. You need someone you can trust to consistently deliver, reduce your headaches, bring joy to your life, and make you smile.

Like you, I am driven by my passion and cannot imagine doing anything else. If I take on your project, it will become my project, too. You get a partner who listens but also suggests. A designer who proposes exciting solutions you didn’t know you were seeking. A colleague who cares for the details and technical production issues while always advocating for the integrity of the book.

When you choose Illustrada, you get a kindred spirit who provides what you need, when you need it.

Illustrada delivers:

  • A beautiful book that is worthy of your reputation.
  • An organized, conscientious, and dependable design professional with substantial industry experience.
  • A design partner who is sensitive to the needs of both publisher and author.
  • Respect for your budget and time constraints.

A Glimpse of Great Design

A collaborative approach to design means you will be more confident in the result, and that both you and your book are more likely to succeed.

Look through my portfolio and see how I have helped other authors and publishers share their ideas with the world.