Author Peter Doughty walks a path equally intriguing and engaging in his new book Scenes from a Tapestry. Based on writings of his astroplethorama blog, Peter’s essays flow between politics and climate concerns, punctuated by local weather reactions and unified through his research into astro-meteorology. 

This project presented me with a chance to work with an author who was willing to share his vision and ideas, but also give me room to explore and visualize those ideas.

“You make my thoughts look good. Thank you very much.”

Author Peter Doughty

Development Process

Twelve beautiful photos by the author, a letterpress broadside for typographic inspiration, combined with an engaging narrative, I knew I needed a page layout and integrated cover and title page design reflecting this style. 

After some initial background research, Peter and I met face to face to discuss the project, his objectives and timeline.

I prepared a round of concept proofs based on those discussions, and we quickly focused in on one cover design based on Peter’s preferences. In the end we were able to incorporate textual elements from a letterpress broadside Peter had created in anticipation of this project, digitally matching the texture for the other textual elements, and incorporating a public domain photograph (with a few digital additions).

Interior Layout

The interior design was styled to match the aesthetic of the cover, matching the ancient-modern balance of Peter’s writings. Additional digital work to enhance the relatively low-resolution astrological charts brought them to an acceptably good level for print.

Arranged in two primary parts, with a total of 40 chapters, most essays opened with thoughts of the day, followed by a more critical astrological analysis of events.

Divider Line

To separate these two voices, I created a subtly astro-inspired divider line. Customized divider lines is something I love to do with print books.


Featuring a color cover design, and a 272-page b&w interior complete with fully integrated table of contents, table of photos, bibliography and index made this book project complete. And in just under two months from first contact to finished books, with the bulk of the production design work taking place over three weeks. A challenging timeframe, but one I was glad we could meet.